East students actively participate in student government through Student Council, a group comprised of representatives from each homeroom. The student body elects the student council officers. In addition, each class elects a class president to guide its activities throughout the year. 

Meet our Student Government and Class Officers

Student Government
President - Benjamin Ockert
Vice President - Antony DeJulius
Treasurer - Kaeleigh FitzPatrick
Secretary - Paige Plucker
Program Director - Colin Luca

Senior Class Officers
President - Abhimanyu Goyal
Vice President - Sabrina Williams
Treasurer - Alexandra Ansaldi
Secretary - Max Wu
Senior Senator - Brae Lamontagn

Junior Class Officers
President - Jillian Mountford
Vice President - Danielle Burns
Junior Senator 1 - Simon Gilson
Junior Senator 2 - Matthew Bergquist
Junior Senator 3 - Angel Gong

Sophomore Class Officers
President - Angie Spielman
Vice President - Catherine Cannamela
Sophomore Senator 1 - Pratham Patel
Sophomore Senator 2 - Maya Gopal
Sophomore Senator 3 - Vacant

Freshman Class Officers
President - Johanna Datta
Other Leadership