Graduate Profile

During their four years at East Catholic High School, students begin to acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to become responsible adults formed by Catholic tradition and values.

East Catholic Graduates

By the time of graduation, an East Catholic senior:

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  • Is learning to live according to Gospel values. The East Catholic graduate will have attained an intellectual grasp of the teachings of the Catholic Faith and will be in the process of developing a personal devotion to prayer and a commitment to helping those in need. He or she will learn to define success more in terms of integrity, self-discipline, and service to others than of personal gain.
  • Is learning what it means to be a contributing member of society, a good citizen of his or her country and of the world community, and is developing an appreciation of cultural differences and respect for all people as children of God.
  • Has begun to learn and use effective communication skills. The East Catholic graduate will have had practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking effectively for a variety of audiences, in a number of different situations, and through both print and electronic media.
  • Is developing an awareness of how to use technology in an efficient and morally responsible way.
  • Is coming to value the earth as part of God's living creation and to realize the necessity of stewardship of natural resources.
  • Has begun to recognize and work to develop his or her talents and to appreciate the talents of others.
  • Is developing the ability to solve problems effectively. The East Catholic graduate has learned to analyze a problem, examine the options, and work toward a logical, practical, and ethical solution.
  • Is prepared to engage in life-long learning and critical thinking. The East Catholic graduate will have learned the skills requisite for acquiring, assessing, and integrating information and will have come to recognize the way in which he or she learns best and to experience the joys of learning.

3-Year Graduate Statistics 2021–2023

2021 2022 2023
Graduates 136 113 118
Continuing Education 131 108 118
4-year College 127 105 111
2-year College 4 3 4
Military 0 1 0
Prep. School 2 1 3
Other 3 3 0

An East Catholic Graduate Is:

bible Committed to teachings of the Catholic Faith 
shaking hands A contributing member of society, developing an appreciation of cultural differences and respect for all 
megaphone Effective communication skills—reading, writing, listening, speaking in both print and electronic media
computer Uses technology efficiently and morally 
Globe Values Earth 
Group of people Recognizes and appreciates talents in self and others
light bulb Problem solver
Books Experiences the joys of learning—a life-long learner/critical thinker