East Catholic HS Administration

The faculty and staff of East Catholic High School is a group of devout individuals dedicated to the mission and vision of our school. Our mission to educate our students according to the Gospel and the life of Jesus Christ is the foundation of their everyday work. Each one demonstrates by example their love of learning and their strong moral foundation.

To call staff or faculty members at our school, please dial (860) 649.5336 and the appropriate extension in the list below.


Thomas E. Maynard
Head of School
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Ryan P. Hinton
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Susan Perillo
Vice Principal
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Ellen Devlin
Director of Admissions
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Heidi Carlson
Interim Advancement Director
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James Rovezzi
Director of Facilities & Operations
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Patrick McLaughlin
Director of Campus Ministry
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David Shepherd
Director of IT
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Connie Jurczak
Director of Library/Media
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George Smalley
Director of School Counseling
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Jon Dahlquist
Dean of Wellness and Athletics
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