The guidance counselors at East Catholic High School are a tremendous resource as you navigate the path to adulthood. They help facilitate the transition into high school, aid in our students’ success during their years at ECHS, and then support the transition out of high school and into well-respected and prestigious higher institutions of learning. Let our Guidance and Counseling Department help you as you reach for your goals.

Many Helpful Resources

East students can take advantage of the many resources available to support academic success. Some of these resources include:

  • After school help from teachers
  • The Writing Center
  • National Honor Society tutors
  • Faculty tutors

Freshman Year

Our primary focus, as students begin their course of study at ECHS, is to assist freshmen with the transition to high school. Our guidance counselors are very active in helping them make and strive for their goals.

  • Review student schedules prior to entrance
  • Give students a general orientation
  • Conduct a personal conference with the student during the first month of school
  • Make necessary adjustments of any schedule conflicts
  • Administer the PLAN Career Index Test for in-house use only (October) and hold meetings to explain PLAN results
  • Follow-up with individual conferences to assess data
  • Students may request drop-in sessions as needed

We expect our freshman students to closely coordinate with the freshman skills specialist and be on target to begin planning the 10th grade schedule. 

Sophomore Year

As students continue their education at East, our Guidance and Counseling Department helps them make progress toward their lofty goals. Ways we help:

  • Initial review of schedules and adjustment of any schedule conflicts
  • Classroom explanations of PSAT significance
  • Administration of PSAT (October)
  • Group meetings to explain test results
  • Follow-up with individual conferences to evaluate PSAT data
  • Individual academic performance assessments
  • Drop-in conferences as needed
  • Planning 11th grade schedule

Junior Year

A student’s junior year is full of college planning, preparing, testing, and searching. Our department is here to help you every step of the way. We will help you succeed.

  • Initial review of schedules and adjustment of any schedule conflicts
  • Help facilitate the college process using the web-based Naviance program
  • Administration of PSAT (October)
  • Review PSAT results and discuss resources for preparation for the SAT reasoning test (May) and the SAT subject tests (June)
  • Individual conferences focusing on the important link between academic progress and the college/career search process
  • College Night for all juniors and their parents with college admissions officers present (November)
  • Follow-up Guidance Night (February) at which time a panel of seniors share their college exploration and application experiences
  • Distribution of our "Guide for College Planning"
  • Planning grade 12 schedule 

Senior Year

As a senior on the road to success, we are here to help our students finalize their college applications and prepare for the next phase of their education. 
  • Schedule reviews
  • Class meetings for SAT and college application procedures
  • Continue with the Naviance program as the seniors move through the college application process
  • Facilitation of visits by college admissions officers to East Catholic for student conferences (seniors)
  • Financial Aid Night for parents filing FAFSA and profile forms (December)
  • Continue to meet with seniors individually to enable efficient college decision making
  • Drop-in conferences as needed
  • Letters of recommendation written by counselors 

The College Search

Formal discussion of the college selection process begins junior year when all juniors meet individually with their counselor to review the search process. Ways we help:

  • Host college information panel nights in November and February for juniors and their parents
  • Help juniors narrow the search so they can visit potential college choices while the colleges are in session, especially during February and April school vacations
  • At the start of senior year, counselors meet with seniors to discuss their choices and begin the application process
  • Senior college night for students in October
  • Receive all college applications in the guidance office before Thanksgiving break
  • Hold an evening program in December to explain the financial aid process to seniors and their parents