International Students at ECHS

We at East Catholic High School love to open our campus, our curriculum, and our hearts to international students from high schools within the U.S. and from other countries. Our International Students Program is long-term, leading to the award of a diploma—We are not a short-term “exchange” program.

We Welcome You!

At East Catholic, we welcome all of God’s children to our campus. Here we enjoy the blessings of learning among a diverse international student community with students hailing from China, South Korea, Spain, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries.

Join our Christ-centered community, and let us learn from each other!

Fall Entry Only

We only accept students for fall entry. Please submit the application for admission (online form found at the side of this page). We also require an official grade transcripts (with course descriptions) in the English language.

Please see the Application Process for International Students document at the side of this page for step-by-step information, and let us help you get started.

Extra-Curricular Programs

Just as East Catholic students excel academically, our program also allows for success in sports, fine arts, and clubs. Our students are happy, because they learn more, perform more, and have more opportunities for fun and personal development than most high school students in the nation.

Being involved in our large, excelling programs adds a dimension to our students’ lives that fulfill them individually and bring them joy. Taking part in what ECHS has to offer helps all students get to know each other well and become life-long friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We are happy to answer all of your questions. Below are the answers to some of the questions that might be at the top of your list. Of course we also welcome your phone calls at (860) 649.5336.

Where do I begin in the application process?

You’ll find the Application Process for International Students document at the side of this page for step-by-step information. 

Do you have class quotas based on race, culture, or country that you must meet and consider when accepting students to your school?

No, we do not. We accept all students based on their achievement on the placement test in order to determine their academic ability and potential to achieve success in our rigorous college preparatory academic programs.

Where will my child live while attending East Catholic?

Students must live with a family member or relative while attending East Catholic High School. International students who are unable to live with a family member (legal guardian) must be represented by an agent who will locate an appropriate, safe host family for the student.  The host family must live in the Greater Manchester area and be able to provide a warm, welcoming, safe home for the student. Agents, not the school, are responsible for host family placement.

Who will help my child transition to your school?

Upon being accepted to East Catholic, the office of the director of admissions will be responsible for assisting the student and his/her agent or family (legal guardian) in obtaining the necessary paperwork (I-20 document) which will permit the student to obtain an F1 visa and travel to the United States to study at East. Travel questions to and from school can be addressed by the admissions office. In addition to helping students arrive and become acquainted with the school, the school has a director of the International Student Program who is also a school counselor for students. The program director works closely with students on a daily basis to facilitate a smooth transition.

What is the relationship between my child and his/her agent?

The agent will be responsible for locating a safe and appropriate home placement for students. The agent also represents the interests of the student and his/her family according to the contract made between agent and family. The school does not enter into contracts with agents, and does not perform host family placement.

Is it possible for international students to earn a college scholarship after attending your school?

Yes. Many international students have received college scholarships and are studying in colleges of their choice on partial or full scholarships.

Will my child be able to participate in your sports programs even if he/she doesn't have experience?

Yes, all students at ECHS may play the sport they desire. If we don't have a beginning level team, your child may still begin a sport or play on an advanced level team.