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The Hate U Give

By Farah Suede

The Hate U Give By Farah Suede East Catholic has brought back its tradition of One Book, One Community this academic year, and its center is around the novel The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas. This is a novel that tells the story of a black teenage girl who grapples with the realities of racism within modern-day America. Aspects of this novel have a reflection within our own school community this past year, as we confront the uncomfortable effects of prejudices. To resolve this, two students from the class of 2021, Mackenzie Talavera and Jencih Manhertz took initiative this year to tackle and discuss challenging racial issues. These seniors have also founded the Student of Color Union at East, which aims to create a safe environment for students of color as well as a space to educate others on these challenging racial experiences and issues. Working with the new administration this summer, Mackenzie and Jencih hope to graduate with a tradition of ongoing discussions and conversations between students of all racial and ethnic groups at SOC Union sponsored events. Mackenzie and Jencih offer their personal perspectives and both have a commitment to bringing our school community into a better understanding of how to be allies for students of color in the East. The two young women were originally motivated by the events that took place in our nation and our state in the past six months, taking an opportunity to step up and be the leaders in our school’s role in the community’s activism.