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Three Generations and More to Cheer on This 2019 Grad’s Accomplishments

Portrait of EJ WilsonOn June 6, 2019, more than three generations of graduates from East Catholic High School will be a part of the school’s commencement. EJ Wilson will be walking down the aisle of The Cathedral of St. Joseph as a 2019 graduate cheered on by a host of relatives, many of whom are school alumni.

Seated on the altar will be his grandmother, Claire Campbell, who graduated from the school in 1969. In the audience will be his mother Danielle Bloom, and his father Eric Wilson Sr., both members of the East Catholic Class of 1994. And, throughout the audience will be countless relatives who are also East Catholic alums. What makes EJ’s graduation particularly unique, is that his graduation, his parents’ graduation, and his grandmother’s graduation are each exactly 25 years apart.

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