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Two East Catholic High School Students Recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program

Two East Catholic High School students received recognition by the National Merit Scholarship Program.

Sr. Peggy Evans

Mark your calendars! Sr. Peggy Evans will be celebrating her 50th anniversary in the near future. 

Fall 2018 East Catholic Eagle Magazine

The fall 2018 East Catholic Eagle Magazine is now available. Be sure to check it out!

Outside the Comfort Zone – How to Encourage Your Kids to Try Something New

Looking for ways to nudge your kids out of their comfort zone to try a new extra-curricular activity? It’s all in how you present the idea.

triangle and circle within a circle

7 Ways to Overcome Test Anxiety – Tips for Parents and Students

If you’re the parent of a student with test anxiety, you know how stressful it can be – for both of you. Even conscientious students can suffer from symptoms ranging from nervousness and trouble concentrating to headaches and an upset stomach brought on just by the thought of an upcoming exam.