In order to help students have meaningful encounters with God and form closer bonds with their classmates, each class takes an annual full-day retreat off-campus. This is an opportunity for students to connect and pray with one another, and to share their experiences with school, spirituality, and their social lives, without the pressures of a normal school day.

From year to year, each retreat builds on the previous year:

  • The freshman retreat is to help students adjust to high school and feel welcomed into the East Catholic community.
  • The sophomore retreat focuses on accepting oneself as a beloved child of God, and recognizing the gifts that each student has received.
  • The junior retreat challenges students to take ownership of their faith lives and seek out leadership opportunities at East Catholic and beyond.
  • The senior retreat uses workshops with outside guests to help prepare soon-to-be graduates for life after East Catholic.


“Kairos,” from a Greek word meaning, “God’s time,” is a special three-day retreat experience offered by a team of adult and student leaders. Kairos is grounded in Christian incarnational theology, the belief that God continues to be with us in our daily experience through the presence of Jesus Christ manifested to us in Word, Sacrament, and Community. Kairos is an intense experience of a Christian community where prayer, peer reflection, liturgy, sacraments, and faith-sharing are the norm. The focus of Kairos is to encourage students to examine the quality of their relationships with God, with themselves, and with others. Kairos is normally held at a local retreat center and is open to juniors and seniors. Interested students can seek more information in Campus Ministry.