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Are the Performing Arts Right for Your Child?

MANCHESTER, CT, Oct. 14, 2019 - Whether your child is the next Bradley Cooper or is simply interested in trying something new, taking part in the performing arts will change them for the better. That’s the advice from Jillian Quackenbush, director of the drama and dance department at East Catholic High School.

“High school students gain confidence and self-awareness by participating in the performing arts,” she says. “Aspects of the performing arts, especially improvisation, help students learn how to evaluate situations, think outside the box and be more confident when entering unfamiliar situations. The skills they develop apply not just to school and career but, more importantly, to life.”

Students who participate in the performing arts in high school also learn the benefit of being part of a team. “The experience of being a member of this community helps students develop the ability to collaborate,” she says. “Being a member of a team and working well with others are necessary skills for any career. It also helps them develop everyday social skills, like being able to carry on a conversation in person, making eye contact and confidently speak in public.”

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