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Summer Prep for the College-Bound Student-Athletes – A Parent’s Guide

High school athletes headed for college sports in the fall need to make the most of their summer. While most high school seniors look forward to days in the sun and farewell parties with childhood friends, those expecting to play college sports have work ahead of them before the semester starts. “These student-athletes can expect to be working out throughout the summer if they want to have their best foot forward in the fall,” advises Jon Dahlquist, dean of wellness & athletics at East Catholic High School. His program will be sending 16 student-athletes to colleges in the fall. “They should follow the plan set forth for them by their college coaches and that will mean they wouldn’t be taking time off in the summer. College athletics offers them a special opportunity. There aren’t many who get to participate in collegiate athletics and for those chosen, this path requires more dedication. Expectations will be higher of them. It’s a year-round commitment at the collegiate level.”

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