East Catholic is proud to have over 90 named scholarships created by friends and alumni. Some are based on merit, while others are based on need or a combination of both factors.

For the 2015–2016 school year, we awarded approximately $1.3 million dollars in tuition assistance and merit awards. Each year close to 50% of the student body receives some form of tuition assistance.

Merit Scholarships

We base our merit scholarships on students’ elementary school test scores from the November and December entrance exams. We are happy to renew these throughout the four years at East Catholic for students in good academic standing. Financial need is not a prerequisite for merit-based scholarships.

Several Catholic parishes along with home and school organizations from Catholic schools offer a number of scholarships to students who wish to continue their education at East Catholic High School.

Tuition Assistance

Along with acceptance letters, we will include an estimated tuition assistance (TA) award notification if a family has fulfilled all FACTS data requirements, including the previous year’s tax data.

Final TA awards are subject to verification using the current year’s tax and W-2 wage data. If you are seeking tuition assistance, we strongly recommend filing the FACTS form at the time of application for admission.

Current Costs

  • Tuition - $12,125 per year ($300 sibling discount applied to each older child’s account)
  • Course Fees $225
  • Graduation Fee $400 - seniors only
  • International Student Fee $3,000 - international students only
  • International Student I-20 processing fee $250 - international students only (one time only fee)
  • Non-refundable Registration Fee $250 - all students
  • Norwich Parish Assessment Fee $150
  • Non-Parish Assessment Fee $350     
  • Retreat Fees - FR $50/SO $90/JR $55/SR $60
  • Retreat-KAIROS - optional junior/senior retreat payable at time of attendance
  • Student Activity Fee $450 - all students
  • Testing Fees - $23
  • AP testing fees - varies per subject (billed at time of exam)

All fees are subject to change.